The Immaculate Conception of Our Lady

Immaculate Conception Parish Priests

Peacehaven was initially served from Newhaven, our early history is closely linked with theirs and so the Newhaven history, as it affects Peacehaven and its beginnings, up to 1970 is recounted. The Newhaven "Mission" was founded in 1895 and taken over by the Assumptionist Fathers (A.A) in 1902 at the request of Cardinal Bourne, Bishop of Southwick. Fr.Barnaby Gizaud was the first Parish Priest followed by Fr.Delphin Coussirat in 1905.

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Immaculate Conception of Our Lady

34, Horsham Avenue
Peacehaven, BN10 8HX

PA: Lyndsey Gravenor
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