Parish Groups - Immaculate Conception

Liturgy - Our Public Worship


If you ever wish to volunteer for any of the following activities we would be delighted to speak to you.

Altar Servers:

We have a dedicated team of adults and children who seek to serve God by assisting the priest during the Mass. Their role in carrying the cross during the procession, holding the book for prayer and receiving the gifts offered by the people for Holy Communion, are some of the small actions that contribute significantly to celebrating the greatness of God and His gift of the Mass. Children are able to serve once they have made their First Holy Communion. Contact: David O'Shea via the parish office 01273 583046


There is a team of stewards who dedicate their time into helping administer a number of church activities, e.g., issuing newsletters and other materials, showing parishioners to their seats and collecting the offertory. The team is always available to welcome newcomers and point them in the right direction if they have specific questions to ask. Contact church office 01273 583046

Childrens Liturgy:

We run a childrens liturgy every Sunday at the 9.00 am mass. the children go out at the beginning of mass into the adjoining church hall where they follow the liturgy taking place in the main body of the church in child friendly language. We praise God with songs and actions and have an activity to explain the readings of the day with which the children can interact. We are welcomed back into the church at the beginning of the eucharistic prayer. Children under the age 5 are accompanied by their parent/ guardian. Contact Liz Poon or Julie O'Sullivan via the church office 01273 583046.

The Sacristy:

Joanna Slaughter is the Sacristan and she is responsible for preparing the sacred vessels, books, vestments and everything else used in the sacristy for the weekday and Sunday masses. Joanna orders candles, incense, altar breads and wine etc. as required. With the help of other parishioners, she organises the washing and ironing of altar linen and the cleaning of candlesticks, bells, crucifixes and any other items made of silver or brass. Contact Joanna on 01273 567792.

Church Flowers:

A committed group quietly provide the flowers that adorn the church. They play a significant part in the important family days such as, weddings, funerals,baptisms and first holy communion, bringing cherished memories to the day. Contact Sharon via the church office 01273 583046.

Church Cleaning:

A very small group meticulously clean the church every week throughout the year. They go about their business unobtrusively, if you could devote a couple of hours a week at a time convenient to you, it would be most appreciated. Contact Sue Cluskey 01273 582982

Church Maintenance:

Colin Bayley is currently our maintenance man and does a great job keeping up with repairs and problems that exist on a weekly, often daily basis. Contact: 07472 972579


To assist at Mass is more than just attending Mass, it is to participate and actively engage in worshipping God. People of all ages have the privilege of proclaiming the Word of God during Mass, aiming to convey the message of God's love. If you would like to become a reader please contact Les Robertson on 07506 471125 or email him on

Eucharistic Ministers:

This ministry is so important, an extraordinary privilege of sharing the body and blood of Christ with the people of God. Some ministers take the Word and Eucharist out to those who are sick and/or housebound, who, in turn bring blessings to us through regular prayer for the parish and its activities. Contact Father Ian on 01323 892427 OR Les Robertson 07506 471125.