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A full copy of the Synod participants guide from the diocese is available online at
Scroll down to Participants and group leaders guide to download. If you require a hard copy of this guide, then please sign the sheet at the back of the church.
Parishioners can complete the questions and submit to the diocese individually if you so choose.

The Sacred Heart Newhaven - Final Closure

The Sacred Heart - Newhaven: Fr Ian has had this notification from the Diocese. - The sale of the property was finalised last month at a price of £585,000. Above the top end of the valuation received.
The final Sunday Mass was said by Bishop Richard on 21 July 2019 and the closure and sale was discussed over several meeting with the Bishop and parishioners. (View "IMPORTANT INFORMATION" below inc. Quote: "Funds from the sale of the property would be apportioned 65% to the parish and 35% to the Diocese in accord with usual practice).
There is no special ritual when closing a Church but be assured that the altar stone was carefully removed and is stored safely at Arundel Cathedral. The relics are also preserved are safely held in the Chancery safe.
We hope that all past and present parishioners of Newhaven who have lost their Church be fully welcomed into the Peacehaven and Seaford Parish Communities.


My dear friends, as we all are aware from Monday 19th July, the government lifted most of the restrictions that we have had to adhere to in recent months. We have now received a letter from Bishop Richard and the Bishops Conference of England & Wales, to say that we can implement Step 4 Guidance. It is most important that we exercise caution in the implementation of this Step 4 Guidance.
These are the recommendations that we should follow:
We will continue to sanitise hands on entering churches and before liturgies, and sign in.
We have been advised to ensure the continued use of face coverings during the course of celebrations due to the rise and risk of infection at this time, for the protection of others.
Ventilating the buildings well, and also continue to maintain a good standard of cleaning
The good news is we have been able to remove the social distancing tapes and leave it to the discretion of parishioners that we continue to be considerate to others attending Mass.
Singing is back! But we will need to continue wearing our face masks.
There will no longer be a need for a one-way system in the Church.
We can have servers, readers, cantors and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. We will continue to receive Holy Communion under one kind. The Sign of Peace remains suspended, with a gesture without touching.
We can also use our church hall again with conditions of use. Groups will be responsible for cleaning and sanitising after use. Please contact the office for bookings. Seaford 01323 892427 Peacehaven 01273 583046
Last, but not least our very grateful thanks for the stewards and helpers in Seaford and Peacehaven who have kept our Church open. Without their total commitment to our safety we would not have been able to do this.

Every blessing, Deacon Colin


If you haven't done so already, please complete a Parish Census Form This is for everyone
coming to Church, even if you have been in the Parish for a long time. We need to ensure all our records are correct and up to date.
This Census also has some additional information to previous ones. There are forms for Adults and Children . Please take them
home with you, or download and print from the SeaPeace website, and complete and return to us as soon as possible. All data is covered by GDPR

My dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ
As we are coming out of Lockdown, I would be very grateful if you consider reflecting on the gifts of Baptism that we have received, from the Good Lord.
He gave us the gift to worship the Trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in human form as Jesus demonstrated to us as He was here on earth 2000 years ago, and within each of us with the help of the Holy Spirit giving glory to the Father in Heaven. He also gave us the gift to teach the Mind and Heart of God in human form. And the third gift of the Shepherding God's people here on Earth.
We can see that there is a lot to do with the help of each other in our Parish Community. This is how we really become the disciples of Christ.
This weekend will help us to do this, with asking you to complete our new Census Form for your Parish.
This will really help me, and our Ministers be more efficient within the Life of the two Parishes.
It will take some time to complete the new list of parishioners, old and new. We need to show our concern for each other.
Should you wish to receive some help, please don't hesitate to ask. We have people who can help you complete the form.
Thank you in anticipation for your support.
Be assured of my prayers. Your brother in Christ, Ian


It is with great joy that we can now restart Exposition and Adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament on Monday from 7-8pm and Thursday from 6-7pm (Covid19 secure, at Peacehaven church). Everyone welcome, for long or short visits in a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION regarding Newhaven and our Parish Family from the meeting at St. Thomas More Church, Seaford 9th September 2020