Our Parish

Our Parish Mission


God's love for us all
Our parish family's mission is to proclaim the Gospel and to build up the community of God's People. To us, this means realising that God's love for us is a gift: always there, always the same, always free. It is there for you, too; we invite you to believe it and receive it.

We receive love and strength from God through our main service, the Mass. Here, we: gather together to pray; recognise that we need God's help to be who we are created to be; hear God's word from the Bible; receive Jesus Himself in Holy Communion; and then take the gift we have received out into the world to share God's love with all others and to try and live better lives. For us, going without Mass is like going without food, we risk becoming weaker and so we try to come every week.

There are other special occasions for receiving and celebrating God's love: Baptism, Reconciliation, Holy Communion, Confirmation, Marriage, Ordination, and Anointing of the Sick. We have teams of people who see it as an absolute privilege to work with individuals and families in preparing for these stages of life and faith.

As we accept the simple truth of God's free, unchanging love, we feel compelled to respond by serving and loving God and each other. Very simply, it is the source of all we seek to do in our Parishes here at St Thomas More, The Immaculate Conception and beyond.

Love for God and each other
Many people in the church serve and love God at Mass through writing prayers, choosing and playing music, cleaning and decorating the church, preparing or serving at the altar, reading from the Bible and distributing Holy Communion. Children are encouraged to play a full part at Mass, too. Except for giving Holy Communion, they contribute to all the above. Younger children are invited to hear the Bible in child-friendly language and to praise God in song and actions.

Prayer is also central to life here. We have a strong prayer ministry and a number of prayer groups some meditative, some with scripture and some for specific needs. Whatever the style or format, prayer brings together the ability for us to show love for God and each other through praise and thanksgiving in good times, and seeking God's help in difficulty. It enables us to re-invigorate ourselves to live a life of love and service to all.

Our parish family serves others through visiting, shopping and caring for the sick and housebound. More widely, parishioners work to support those with disabilities, those in crisis or who are homeless, and, as street pastors, caring for those at risk on the streets late at night.

Prayer and caring for each other is common to churches in Seaford and Peacehaven. We are able to come together readily and happily in this through 'Churches Together' and more informally through the meetings and initiatives of all our lead pastors who seek to bring the Gospel to our town.

The people in our parishes are at many different stages on a journey of faith ranging from 'not sure' right through to 'I give my life completely to God'. But, none of us is complete, none of us is any better than the next, none of us is more important than another. Like this, we can truly say all are welcome in our parish family. In this way, and with the gift of the Holy Spirit, we seek to serve you and each other. God bless you in your search for a spiritual home with Him. Let us know if we, too, can be of help.