BAPTISM This is the initial sign of our entry into church, continuing a tradition that spans thousands of years. Infants, children and adults of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to be baptised.

The priest will meet with each person requesting baptism for themselves or for their children, gently exploring with them their faith journey that has brought them to this wonderful moment.

Those who wish to become part of the Catholic family of Christians and who have been baptised in other churches do not have to be baptised again.

Instead, they will be invited to explore their faith further in a series of prayer and discussion meetings.

My dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ.
"This sacrament is called baptism, after the Central Rite by which it is carried out: to baptise (Greek Baptizein) means to 'plunge' or 'immerse'; the 'plunge' (pouring the water over the head as we do) the water symbolizes the catechumen's (those in preparation) into Christ's death, from which he rises up by resurrection with him, as "a new creature' for eternal life."
For me, when I was very young, thought that Baptism was a ticket to get into Heaven and if you did have a ticket you would just get in. Gladly to say now, that I have a different view of the beautiful Sacrament.
For me, I have a new metaphor. It is this, I see that God has given all of us a spiritual disk that is built inside us. When we get a disk for a computer, we install it, then we put in a password, in some cases. It is a bit like Baptism. You see the password is a commitment in word and deed.
The Child case, the parent(s) does it for them the until the child can continue the commitment. Because of God's Love, we have the Baptism of desire, is where we may not have the Ceremony, but if a person of parents for their child who is unable to have a Ceremony and wishes to have such a desire. This can be expressed with a commitment of search for a life is the true "Way, Truth, and Life"

May we all pray, whatever race, creed, language and culture, that we will all experience the invitation to Life eternal.
Your brother in Christ, Ian

Contact: Fr Ian Byrnes 01323 892427 Deacon Colin 01323 897910