Parish Groups - St. Thomas More

Liturgy - Our Public Worship


If you ever wish to join our parish family when we gather for prayer and worship, we would be delighted to see you.

Altar Servers: We have a dedicated team of adults and children who seek to serve God by assisting the priest during the Mass. Their role in carrying the cross during the procession, holding the book for prayer and receiving the gifts offered by the people for Holy Communion, are some of the small actions that contribute significantly to celebrating the greatness of God and His gift of the Mass. Children are able to serve once they have made their First Holy Communion. Contact: Mike Staples 01323 894893

Stewards: Our stewards are those who reach out with a warm reception at Mass on Saturday evening and Sunday morning, helping people feel comfortable and welcome. Quite often, the role is taken on by those who have been here sometime and know if someone is new or visiting. Sometimes, families take this on as something that they can do together. Stewarding is often seen as practical, pointing newcomers to the right place, handing our newsletters, making sure that everything in the church is ready. It is, but it is so much more, too: it is the window on our church and, for many, the first experience of what it would be like to be part of this extended family. Contact: Joe & Mary Fackler 01323 896591

Children's Liturgy: We run a children's Liturgy of the Word on most Sundays at the 10.30am Family Mass. We go out at the beginning of Mass into the adjoining church hall where we follow the liturgy taking place in the main body of the church in child-friendly language. We praise God with songs and actions and have an activity to explain the readings of the day with which the children can interact. We are welcomed back into the main body of the church at the beginning of the Eucharistic Prayer. Children under the age of 5 are accompanied by their parent/guardian. Contact: Claire Duffield 07963428178 Claire Evans 01323 491279

The Sacristy: My name is Julie Hann and I am the sacristan at St Thomas More, Seaford. My duties are mainly preparing the sacred vessels, books, vestments and everything else used in the sanctuary for the weekday and Sunday Masses. I order candles, incense, altar breads, wine etc as and when needed. With the help of other parishioners, I organise the washing and ironing of altar linen and cleaning of candlesticks, bells, crucifixes and any other church items made of silver or brass. Contact: Julie Hann: 01323 890390

Church Flowers: A committed team of people quietly provide the flowers that adorn the church. Some started without knowing anything about flower arranging but found delight in serving in this way and learning how the choice and arrangements of flowers complements the theme of the Mass and the seasons of the Church year. The team plays a significant part in the important parish family days: weddings, funerals, Baptisms and First Holy Communion, bringing cherished memories to the day. Contact: Mary McGhee 01323 893899

Church Cleaning and Maintenance: Some days there are half eaten biscuits, apples, an occasional un-chewed sweet in the pews, wax covering the votive candle stands, paint peeling off the walls and light bulbs not working; the next day they have all gone! It just seems to happen, very few people have seen them and yet this team turns up week in and week out all year round to ensure that our church is fit for worship and our hall fit for friendship. No task is too big and none too small, not even in the rain and winter snow. Contact: Celia Cornish 01323 892271

Readers: People of all ages have the privilege of proclaiming the word of God in the Mass, aiming to convey the message of God's love. We prepare through prayer, preparation and our love of reading scripture for its importance in our lives. Contact: Kathy Dawson 07876 241349

Music: Music for God is a prayer in itself and complements the spoken word at Mass. Different people are moved and have their hearts and souls uplifted by different styles. Here, at St Thomas More, we sing traditional and modern hymns. We are supported by a children's choir, a Celtic Group, Children's Music Group, a folk band and a youth music group, with singing and beautiful playing of a wide range of musical instruments including: violins, flutes, clarinets, percussion, guitars, piano and organ. Contact: Paul Wilson 07871877457 (Organist & Pianist;); Anne Galvin (folk group) 01323 899576

Eucharistic Ministers: This ministry stirs in us a sense of complete humility, an extraordinary privilege of sharing the body and blood of Christ with the People of God. Some ministers take the Word and Eucharist out to those who are sick and/or housebound, who, in turn bring blessings to us through regular prayer for the parish and its activities. Contact: Fr Ian Byrnes 01323 892427