Parish Groups - St. Thomas More



God has a unique role for each of us. Some of us spend time in deep prayer and reflection of what this might be, others simply seem to know. Whichever our route, we live in the present and where we are today is where God has placed us to be. Our vocation, our action for Him is now.... We may never find out what God has called us to do; we can only be Christ to each other at this very moment. Only He knows the name that He has given us; as we discern our place in His world, here are some other ways our parish family have responded.

Soup Run: Four people from Seaford do the soup run on the 1st Sunday of every month and 2 other people supply sandwiches or cakes. We leave about 6.30pm and travel together to Brighton where we load a trolley with tea, cups, spoons, the sandwiches, cakes and bread to be eaten with the soup. The soup is collected from Donatello's and at 8.00pm we serve anyone who turns up on the seafront at Marine Drive. Usually we have about 30/40 people who wish to eat. We are back home about 9.30pm. 'I can't help but think about all those poor people who don't have warm homes to go back to throughout the winter.'

Friends of St Anne's Day Centre for Homeless People: This is a group, within the Parish, who offer financial help through a monthly donation scheme to support the work of St Anne's Day centre for Homeless and Lonely People. Contact: Heather Kearon 01323-898548

Hand in Hand: We are an integrated group of adults with and without learning disabilities in the Diocese of Arundel & Brighton. We come together to PRAY, EXPLORE And DEEPEN OUR FAITH. Since it started in 1994, the group has grown both spiritually and as a community. We have developed particularly our gifts for mime and movement as a type of contemplative way of praying beyond the limitation of words. We have come to see ourselves primarily as a group whose prayer and sharing produces a sense of fun, friendship and love between us and where our use of movement etc is seen by others as a powerful expression of our relationship with God, which touches their hearts. Contact Shirley Jones on 01323 896347

Homelink was founded in 1998 by Churches Together in Lewes District. It is an ecumenical charity supported financially and with prayers by many parishioners of St. Thomas More Church and the 30 plus churches in the district to offer an interest-free loan to homeless people or those threatened with homelessness, for whom the Housing Department does not have a statutory obligation, in order that they may access accommodation in the private sector. Contact: Margaret Slattery

The Parish Ozanam Group: specifically provides support by visiting parishioners who are housebound or are in Nursing or Care Homes. For those who are unable to get to Mass arrangements are made for Holy Communion to be taken to them by a member of our parish team of Ministers of the Eucharist, if they so wish. Contact: Colin Purchase 01323 897910

The Catenian Circle: In our parish, this is part of an International Association comprising some 10,000 members worldwide. Membership is open to male practising Catholics of over 21 years of age who then meet socially and care for each other and their families in sickness and in health. Our Catholic Faith which is the bedrock of the Association is enhanced by annual Masses and meeting socially with our clergy. The Catenian Association is non-political and is not a Catholic Action pressure group. Presidential Mass 2006 details Contact: Joe Fackler 01323 896591

Pastoral Care Group: Our Pastoral Care Group brings together the caring activities of members of our parish family. Support for elderly and sick parishioners and for those with special needs, including help with transport to Mass and keeping hospital and other medical appointments, is provided where possible by a number of groups and individuals within the Parish. Contact: Colin Purchase 01323 897910

Missio is the Church's official support organisation for overseas mission, and for the growth of the Church throughout the world. It helps to build, strengthen and sustain local Catholic communities so that they can share the love of Christ with others. Support from Missio underpins all that the Church does in countries where the Church is too young or too poor to be self-sufficient. A unique role; without Missio, dioceses across Africa and Asia (and some parts of Latin America) would collapse. That is no exaggeration: Missio enables bishops and people to build the kind of Church infrastructure - parishes, priests, Mass and the sacraments - that we sometimes take for granted. If you are interested in the work of Missio: see the noticeboard in the church hall at St Thomas More. Contact: Parish Office 01323 892427.