Parish Groups - St. Thomas More

Social Life


Families relax and enjoy life when they come together for social events. Scripture shows us that socialising was very much a part of Jesus' life, too. The social life of the parish family here at St Thomas More is thriving and will grow even more over the coming year.

Activities for Young People: Wednesdays in the Hall. 5.00-6.00pm for ages 8-10; 6.30-8.00pm ages 11-13; 8.15-9.30pm for ages 14+. The groups are led by various members of the parish family. For more information please get in touch with Fliss or Olly on or or join the YTM Facebook Group. We look forward to hearing from you!

Girls' Club: This meets very Friday from 5-7pm and is led by some of our young adults. The girls have a go at a number of skills: baking and flower arranging as well as coming together for prayer, discussion and days out. Contact: Fran Rackham 01323, Hannah Fackler 01323 896591

The Happy Club: is intended for people to come together weekly to have a good time. We have a summer barbeque, Easter bonnet parade and gala tea. Also in the summer we have two theatre and dinner events. There are always birthday presents for members as well as Christmas presents with Christmas dinner. Contact: Ann Hamill 01323 890270

The Circle of Friends: This is a ladies' group that meets on the last Tuesday of each month in the church hall for talks, displays, demonstrations, fund raising, other activities and outings. Contact: Mary Lucey 01323 893478

The Whist Drive: meets on Thursdays in the hall. Contact: John Foxley 01323 896412

General Parish Social Events: include: BBQs, suppers, celebrations for St Patricks Day, St George's Day, celebration of First Holy Communion, and newcomers' lunches. Contact: Anne Hamill 01323 890270

Meditation Group: meets every Wednesday 5pm at SHALOM
We welcome any parishioners to join our group for a little peace and tranquility. Contact Heather Kearon 01323 370355