Prayer Groups - St. Thomas More

Prayer is one of the most intimate encounters we have with God. It can be silent, spontaneous, heartfelt, troubled or excited but most of all, it is about our own, unique and personal relationship with God.

We have a dedicated prayer ministry and a number of prayer groups in the parish; some are presented below. Whether you find it difficult or a natural part of your daily life, there is someone here with whom you can pray or who will pray for you.

Prayer ministry

As a Christian community we believe that it is natural and proper for people to seek the peace and help of God through prayer.

After the Saturday 6.00pm and Sunday 10.30 mass on the first weekend of each month we offer an opportunity for anyone to receive ministry through prayer in the Sacred Heart Chapel, in church to the left of the Altar. This is a discreet and confidential time to receive prayer and support from members of the church who are experienced in praying for people. Although this is not offered as a counselling intervention, many individuals have found it a source of great comfort and healing to be able to open their hearts to God in prayer in this manner.

We warmly invite you to come to the Sacred Heart statue following mass and our prayer ministers will be delighted to pray with you.

Monday Prayer Group

We are a small and informal group who meet fortnightly on a Monday evening for a couple of hours, either in the church or in a member's home in Seaford. Our primary purpose as a group is to meet together to pray for a wide range of issues within our own church, the wider Christian community and within our town and locality. We have particularly felt encouraged to pray for individuals in need of healing and support.

As a group we believe that our prayer meeting should follow some guiding principles that provide some structure to our time together but we also aim to ensure that each individual in our group feels comfortable and takes things at their own pace. Our meetings commence with a brief reading and reflection upon a verse of scripture, and a hymn of praise. We remain open to different styles of prayer, and are always ready to welcome and encourage new members into the group to grow in their own prayer life. Contact: Deacon Colin 01323

Mothers' Prayers

A group of women who are interested in praying for children meet each Tuesday morning at 10.30 in the hall for coffee after Mass 11am for prayers. All are welcome to come along. The meeting usually lasts from 45 minutes to 1 hour. Mothers' Prayers is an international group with thousands of groups in 90 countries. Our aim is to pray for our children with faith that God can do so much more for them than we can. We also support each other as mothers by sharing our cares in an atmosphere of trust and confidentiality. Contact: Celia Cornish 01323 892271

The Prayer Line is a group of committed parishioners who undertake to pass on requests for anyone who needs prayers (possibly illness, bereavement, social circumstances) to the next on line and to pray themselves for those in need. Strict confidentiality is essential and the Prayer Line is very much used - not just for parishioners and local people.Contact: Honora Patrick 01323 490721

St Teresa's Prayer Group: A group of ladies meets on the second Monday of each month at 2pm in Shalom; our Parish Sisters' home. In this relaxed atmosphere, through reflection on a bible reading, we share and discuss our faith and spiritual experience. Contact: Heather Kearon 01323 898548

Wednesday Novena

To make a Novena simply means to persevere in prayer through a commitment to nine days or weeks for a particular need or thanksgiving. It enables us to fulfil Our Lord's teaching that we must continue to pray and never lose confidence; never lose trust. This trust and confidence is based on Our Lord's words, 'Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened to you. For whoever asks, receives; whoever seeks, finds; whoever knocks is admitted' (Luke 11:9-10).

Petitions to Our Mother, Our Lady of Perpetual Succour are an important part of the Novena. We ask Mary to pray with us and for us to Our Father, through Christ, Her Son. The petitions may be addressed in a letter which expresses our confidence and trust in God and in Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ. They may be placed in a box at Our Lady's Shrine, remaining there during the Novena sessions. Those letters marked 'private' or 'confidential are not opened. Other letters of petitions or thanksgiving may be shared but names are not mentioned.

Everyone is welcome at a Novena. A small and simple booklet helps for those who are unfamiliar with the prayers. Coffee is often available after the Novena. If you would like more information then do look in the booklet rack at the back of church or contact Veronica Mills on 01323 491020 or, very simply, come along and try in caring company.

The Repository: A range of visual aids to our prayer and worship are available here. These small things often arouse the interest and intrigue of people who do don't come to church and so provide an opportunity for witness and evangelisation. All attempts have been made to keep prices to an absolute minimum so that everyone can have a cross, statue, prayer card, faith book, rosary or other supportive item in their home or pocket. Contact: Tom and Denise Hagger 01323 897846